About the product

Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core (generally Stainless Steel) with concentric grooves on either side with sealing materials. The sealing layers (depending on the service duty) can be Graphite, PTFE (Teflon), CAF or Metal. Camprofile’s can be used without sealing layers to provide an excellent sel but there is a risk of flange surface damage. The very wide seating stress range (minimum to maximum stress) of the camprofile gasket makes it.

❑ Highly suitable for varying temperatures and pressures.

❑ Less sensitive to assembly faults (inaccurate bolt tensioning).

❑ Suitable for light and heavily constructed flanges.

❑ Dependent on layer material camprofile gaskets are resistant to

❑ temperatures up to 1000°C.

❑ Resistant to media tressures up to 250 bar.


With Integral Ring
Without Ring
With Split Ring


  • When assembled the layer thickness of the sealing material is extremely small (0 5mm) thus reducing leaks, reject rates and environment pollution.
  • The gasket will not damage the flange surface and can be easily removed.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Emergency sealing of damaged flanges by using 1 mm thick sealing layers until the flange can be reworked.
  • Flange face protection Camprofiles will not damage the flange faces even at extreme seating load. 0 Excellent performance when subject to fluctuating temperatures and pressures.0 Direct replacement for existing gaskets. No special flange finish is necessary
  • Eco-friendly by significantly reducing leakage into the atmosphere.