About the product

the graphite gasket are consist of alone expanded graphite or expanded graphite with metal reinforcement. the expanded graphite is produced by high temperature, high pressure and sulphuric acid from nature graphite. the usually density of expanded graphite is for sealing industry is around 1.3 g /cm3. the expanded graphite is possible to use from -240T up to 550″C and pressure according to reinforced and others influence according to producer of sheets. the same like in all others industries can not be absolute purity of material, so also in sealing industry is existing only technical purity of graphite. that’s why the most common amount of graphite is 99″,71 and this purity called industrially purity. for example for the nuclear power plant is used graphite with purity 99,7% and this purity called atomic purity. the sealing effect is depending on the purity of graphite. the rest are active and passive ashes.


3.2 – 63 m Ra the sealing surfaces would be in a parallel way together, so as the deviation value wasn’t greater then 0.4mm per all sealing surface. the sealing surfaces would be uniplanar, so as the deviation value wasn’t greater then 0.2mm per width of gasket.



Kind of Metal Reinforcement


Without metal This is for lowest pressures around 60 bars
Smooth inlay this is only sheets of metal between expanded graphite
tanged insert The tanged insert arise by holding sheet alternately from both sides
Draw metal Draw metal is made from steel sheet, in which holes are made by interrupted parallel cuttings. after that the sheet is extended in perpendicular direction. a space from arises. draw-metal has a three-dimensional structure! this is why draw-metal has the highest degree of recovery
Wire mesh This is produce only from wires