About the product

PTFE (polytetrafluorethylen) – is fluoropolymer with excellent characteristics. High temperature application like Reactors, Glass lined equipments, Valves etc. In Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer plants where temperature is in range of 250–C require such type of Gaskets. These are available in 0.5 0.75 thickness PTFE envelope with CAF Rubber insert along with SS corrugated ring. Ring type & full face type in all sizes are available. (1 to 6 mm. Thickness)

Property Unit Value
Density g/cm32 13-2,18
Tensile Kg/cm2 >/200
Elongation % >/250
Impact strength kg*cm/cm2 >/13
Compressive strength (1% deformation) kg/cm2 >/40
Coefficient of thermal conductivity Kcal/m*h 0,21
Volume resistivity Ohm*cm >/1018
Surface resistivity Ohm >/1017

❑ High continual temperature resistance until 250 C(for a short time 280 C),temperature degradation start at about 350°C

❑ Good frost resistance until -200 ‘C (PTFE foil are flexibility to -150 C)

❑ PTFE material has high tensile strength, good flexibility including minus temperature, at high wing loading is not to be crush. (Cold fluid polymer)

❑ With its non-polar structure is one of the best dielectric materials.

❑ Excellent chemical resistance in all range of pH. It is stable in boiling nitric acid, aqua-regia, resistance to halogens, alkali and majority organic solvents. Not until temperature 200 C is attack melting alkaline metals, fluorine and fluorine hydrocarbons.

❑ It is extreme resistance climatic conditions during 30 years.

❑ Next its invaluable character with low friction coefficient, therefore it use for produce bearing.

❑ It don’t stick with all plasticators and it has markedly anti-adhesive properties.

❑ It don’t resistance high energetic radiation (depolymerize).

Type and diameter PTFE semi-products


     Extruded diameter from 3 to 200 mm, length 1000.. 2000 mm

     molded diameter from 20 to 775 mm, length 300 mm


    Skived thickness from 0.5 to 5 mm

    molded thickness from 5 to 150 mm Size 1000 x 1000, 1200 x 1200 mm


    Extruded diameter from 10 to ‘150 mm length 1000 mm

    molded diameter from 25 to 1440 mm, length 300 mm Physical Properties